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Date: 2013-1-29

S.S. Created: Jan 2013
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Good for pulling?

I am looking for at small cheap tractor with a robust and powerful engine for pulling. Any good ideas for witch one I should pick or how you can modify one?

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  • James oc Created: Feb 2013
    Replies: 2
    8 years ago

    It might sound a bit cliché but it is not all about size when it comes to tractor pulling. It is also a question of technique! Tractor pulling is an awesome sport and the events are amazing! http://www.uktractorpulling.co.uk/ here you can check out when the next event is in your town. Don’t miss it!

  • S.S. Created: Jan 2013
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    8 years ago

    Cheers I will do that. I've been to a couple of shows and it looks like a lot of fun, so maybe I can get inspired or get some good advice

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